Chirault Volume 3

Ally Rom Colthoff
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This is the third printed volume of the epic fantasy webcomic Chirault, picking up where Volume 2 leaves off.

When Kiran agreed to help Teeko regain her proper size after a shrinking spell gone astray, he expected that all he would have to do is take her to the nearest village, find a mage, and be done with it. Instead, they’ve been strung along from town to town, fighting monsters along the way as the mages deal with their own problems-- and those monsters are growing steadily larger and more dangerous.

Some of the monsters, in fact, seem to know Kiran… and recognize that he is not what he seems.

It is printed slightly larger than manga size (6x8") and is a perfect-bound paperback, 324 pages in total. Ships from Canada.

You can read the webcomic here:

(Rated 13+ for violence, some language)

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Chirault Volume 3

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