Chirault volume 1

Ally Rom Colthoff
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This printed volume collects the first major story arc of the epic fantasy webcomic Chirault.

A young half-demon named Teeko has been forced from her home, and to make matters worse, is now the size of a squirrel thanks to a wayward magic spell. Her only protection is the demon-hunter Kiran, who is a demon himself and lacks patience for children. Together, they must seek the help of a mage to reverse the spell on Teeko...

...But the Mage Guild has problems of their own; they've created an enchanted orb with the power to destroy cities and must find a way to control or dismantle it, before it's too late.

It is printed slightly larger than manga size (6x8") and is a perfect-bound paperback. Ships from Canada.

You can read the webcomic here:

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Chirault volume 1

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